(White Fabric BLEACH)


Dosage recommendation:6 – 15 ml/kg dry goodsPlease note the following:Temperature should preferably be keptat about 28 oC At this temperature thepH of the wash solution should bearound 9.5At higher pH i.e 10.5 bleaching shouldbe done at 50 . 55 oCGreenish reacts with chlorhexidine,resulting in brown stains, which arehard to remove.Please make sure that, after bleachinghas been completed, all resdualGreenish is neutralized in the lastrinse(Revive)Do not use Greenish for cleaningnylon (polyamind; e.g. HTN dust mats)


Greenish is a laundry destainer speciallyformulated for use in commercial, healthcareand on premise laundries. The product shouldbe applied in the rinse cycle at temperatures between 20 and 40 oC and can be used for all types of white fabrics and a limited number of colour fast articles.


Effective low temperature bleach system.
Can be applied on all types of white fabricsand articles with Greenish compatibledyes such as hospital theater linen.
Excellent destainer for all types of white fabric.
Easy to dose
Results in minimal fabric damage whenused according to use instructions.
Enables bleaching at lower temperaturessaves energy.
Provides good hygiene
In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting,give plenty of water to drink.
In case of contact with eyes or skin rinsethoroughly with water and take offcontaminated clothing.
In case of accident if you feel unwell seekmedical advice immediately.
Do not mix with acids as chlorine gas may be released.

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