How to Use:

Use of Dosing level is dependent on wash classification.Dosage recommendation: 2-4ml/kg use for dry goods.Please note the following instructions:Use of HEME dosage is most effective at temperatures>80 °C.The PH of the wash solution should be between 9 and 10.7at these temperatures.


It may result in chemical damage of natural Fibers, such as cotton in case of application at high temperatures and ph>10.7The risk of fabric damage will be less if thisproduct should be as at PH 11-11.5 for the optimal bleaching at lower temperatures (60°C- 80°C) Bleaching performance would be lowaffected if the temperature is under 60°C This product HEME is not for disinfection
HEME is a strong Oxidizing agent it can irritateto eyes and skin In case of contact with eyes, wash with copiousquantities of water.In case of ingestion, give plenty of water to drinkand seek medical advice


HEME is a concentrated laundry dis-stain this formulationis specially design for use in commercial, healthcare andfor premise laundries. HEME can be used for all types offabric Except Nylon. HO2 should be use in the main washat the temperature between 70°C and 90°C.


HEME is excellent stain remover from all types of fabrics colored/Plain.Easy to dilute/doseFor better result please use as per provided instructions.

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